With the mission to develop the IT industry province, since 2012, the Center established IT and Software Park nurseries aims to support the start-up enterprises in the IT industry with the most favorable developing conditions as well as attract investment from IT businesses outside into Thua Thien Hue to promote the IT industry and contribute greatly to the development of socio-economic of the Province.


Office rental services

HueCIT provides office rental service for businesses working in the field of software and information technology services. Here, we provide modern office with full infrastructure, such as: computers, lighting, air-conditioners, etc. helping businesses operate immediately. With advantages of locating in the city center with a cool work space including a large with 1,400 m2 and a spacious parking will create favorable conditions for businesses in the transport process as well as relaxing or organizing outdoor events. Besides, HueCIT also supports free meeting rooms for businesses to welcome thoughtful partner or guest of the unit.


Information of offices for lease

 STT Categories  Size
 Included services
 1  Working Office on the first floor

-      Rental of office tables, chairs, file cabinets at low cost.

-      Routinely cleaning outside and common areas

-      Clean the inside of the client office

-      Have fire preventing system (signals, CO2 bottles, smoke detectors, fire alarm)

-      Parking for motorcycle and car

-      Large and small meeting rooms

-      Support business logo posted on HueCIT website

-      Support posting employment informationof enterprises on  HueCIT and Discovering Hue website

Set the business name sign in the building

Working Office on the second floor
 3  Working Office on the third floor 

  25 m2



 4  Working Office on the fourth floor

  25 m2




Lab rental services:

HueCIT provides labs with powerful configuration, to meet the needs of customers

Information of computer rooms for rent
-    Room size: 50m2
-    Internet
-    Air Conditioning System
-    Lighting system
-    Number of computer:from 15 computers
-    Configuration as customer requirements

Picture of a lab room

    Theory room rental service:
    -    Size: 25m2
    -    Maximum number of chairs: 25 chairs
    -    White board
    -   Air Conditioning System
    -    Lighting system