Hue Discovery is a general Portal page built and developed with the main task of advertising information about Hue, especially for Culture, Tourism, Cuisine and Hue People through the Internet to numerous readers and visitors in Hue, through website.

 The precursor of the Hue Discovery is the Hue Discovery E- Commerce Services group, founded in 2008, until 2013, it officially becomes a general Portal page. To date, Hue Discovery has been maintaining and developing in parallel two types of services: provide services of press and online advertising.


For press information services, Hue Discovery brings you:

+ The most general, the latest, the most completed information of Hue, cited from the newspapers with the specific articles written by the specialized journalist team of Hue Discovery

+ Information warehouse about cultural heritage and intangible objects in Hue, nature - human, architecture, Hue art, etc. from traditional to modern.

+ Information on leisure, cultural, sports, trading activities taking place in Thua Thien Hue province, especially the Hue Festivals, Craft Village Festivals every year.

+ Information of tourist services, food, weather, ATM stations, etc. and the other necessary information for visitors is always updated and high oriented..

+ Accommodation address, resorts, sightseeing, trustworthy shopping system

Easy to exchange, comment and share information, Hue Discovery provides, advises you to read all the necessary and useful information about Hue.


With online advertising services, Discover Hue is the best choice for businesses when looking for advertising services, such as:


+ Advertising Service Packs include all fees with preferential policies: Advertise information, images of products and services in the form of articles and Advertising business logo

+ Free Small Ads Service Packs with full information of Opening - Promotion; Recruit; Service; Sale - Buying or notice.


The benefits for businesses from the two services:

+ Time saving: product –service information of the enterprise will reach customers quickly and accurately with the maximum support of Hue Discovery.

+ Operational cost saving: save costs for traditional marketing activities

+ Businesses can apply the best ideas, the latest support services, their product marketing and service strategies.

 Sales increasing and partners attracting: Customers and partners can access business information in order to promote cooperation without limitation in geography and time.


Currently, Hue Discovery is integrated into Thua Thien Hue Portal, Hue City portal, as well as the first default page when people access public wifi systems in Hue City since Hue Festival 2014. Therefore, all the information posted on the Hue Discovery, particularly information on cultural activities and tourism of the province along with businesses, hotels, restaurants, etc. will have the opportunity to advertise on these website links. 


Additionally, Hue Discovery was advertised on social networks such as Facebook, Fanpage, and GooglePlus, to bring the news and activities of Hue to the numerous audiences, expand the young audience, the Hue people away from home and those who have concerns about Hue.


Recently, Hue Discovery has built mobile version, it creates the maximum interaction with readers on mobile devices. This is the new trend for the present and the future when people are using smart phones everyday. Hue Discovery is also building Hue Discovery with English version- where to take the enterprises to the world and will soon upgrade and complete the Page with many integrated items are included, bring maximum utilities for readers to use and receive information on Hue Discovery.

Change to reach closer to the readers, Hue Discovery – a"gold" address for everyone.

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