Ecommerce increasingly becomes an indispensable form of advertising and business in each company. However, to apply this method effectively, it requires the unit to have a worthy investment for their images on the Internet.
With years of experience in IT and designing a lot of large websites for units  in Vietnam and abroad, HueCIT ensures to bring satisfaction for customers with the products in a professional , modern and compatible design style.


The role and benefits of e-commerce websites

- Transfering information of the company quickly and reliably to investors, partners, customers, suppliers, employees and society.
- Providing an advertising and marketing channel to help increase sales of business operations.
- Being the “brigde” and the “door” to bring the business in the potential online market.
- Being an unified and effective system of operating and processing information in the whole business and being an unlimited connection with other systems in the future.


The value of products designed by HueCIT

- Scientific content structure, reasonable layout and function
- Designing innovative, featured, friendly interface.
- Showing multiple devices
- Capability of expansion and integration with other systems
- Being compatible with different web browsers
- The administrative operations of information on the website do not ask for professional IT skills.
- Running with stability and security
- Competitive cost and quality


Support Services

- Consulting, analyzing suitable website package
- Consulting for domain name registration and hosting area
- Consulting plans of expanding applications on demand
- Doing statistics, analyzing the efficient measurement of website
- Supporting to troubleshoot problems arising during operation