“The multi-level connected e-portal of information, management and business” is a product applying IT in the new and suitable portal background for the trend of building and applying the e-government in all the provinces in Vietnam. It helps to create an IT application system in the whole province to connect the information and manage the business for all levels among the State’s agencies. The product also provides the online information and public services effectively and synchronously for the citizens, organizations and businesses.

The product based on the technical Framework for e-government and system of multi-level electric offices in Thua Thien Hue province with the national standard is created by Thua Thien Hue Center for Information Technology and the Office of Thua Thien Hue Provincial People's Committee. It received the first prize in the 7th contest of Technology Creativity in Thua Thien Hue province in 2015.

The product has been deployed and offered well all the requirements for IT application in the orientation of e-government in Thua Thien Hue province.


Providing information synchronously for all levels in a wide area

It supplies efficiently and plentifully the tools in the standard of IT Portal as well as advanced functions (virtualization, connecting multi levels) to facilitate the management and connect synchronously and uniquely multi levels of IT portals from the Provincial center to the local areas with a variety of fields and types of IT for citizens, organizations and businesses. The governmental information is available in the Portal for users to access and search for with amazing interfaces and scientific content technology which is compatible with all kinds of terminal equipments (laptops, smart phones)

Providing a space for the communication and connection between the government and citizens, organizations and businesses.

The product provides all the functions that can facilitate the communicative demand between the governmental agencies with citizens, organizations and businesses. It includes many interactive forms such as notification, suggestion, questions and responses, online consulting, asking for opinions, explaining the electors’ opinions, receiving and handling requirements, solving complaints and accusations, online communication, etc. All the communicative information is received easily so that the governmental leaders and agencies can consider as well as conduct and co-ordinate in all levels with the participation and supervision of the citizens, organizations and businesses.

Providing online public services for citizens, organizations and businesses

The product provides an interactive and synchronous environment for the governmental agencies of all levels to easily deploy and connect the online public services from the low (1, 2) to high (3, 4) levels in the form of a modern connecting portal. Especially, thanks to the synchronization and connection of all levels of the sub-portals, all the online public services of the agencies and businesses are accessible for users at the main Portal of the Province or at the sub-portal of each agency or organization.

  Providing a space for the management and implementation at office

The product supplies a space for managing and implementing in all levels inside each agency and in different agencies. It is compatible with the system of work management in the form of online office. The system of management and implementation – the system of online office – is also connected to the system of e-portals of all levels so it creates an IT application system to connect the activities and information thoroughly from inside the governmental system of all levels to the citizens, businesses and organizations.

The informative system of management and implementation has the role of an “online working desk” with many managing and implementing devices and data which is integrated and unified in the whole provincial area such as organizing administration and human resources; information and notification; work reminder, notification of birthdays, working calendar, updating and handling online news, updating and handling the electors’ opinions, updating and handling the citizen’s opinions; the responses of the relating agencies, working programs, working reports, articles and speeches, administrative procedures, quality management, documents and management, online one-gate, directing opinion, complaining and accusing, etc.


Connected, multi-level in wide area

The product solved the major existing problems of the localities in connection, synchronous integrated information systems in wide area, inside, outside agencies and throughout the levels of agencies in provincial scale.

Create ready and proper solutions of application platform framework for the development and application of IT in the direction of eGovernment. Ensure the high demands on efficient management, operation, operating the system in the direction of focus, multi-level connecting, and multi-scale areas in provincial scale.

  Connect and integrate data of affiliated units of Provincial People’s Committee, their data can be seen from the page of Provincial People’s Committee.

Have the ability to easily customize, integrate, and extend functionalities.

Installing, modifying, and adding the application features in wide scale are very quickly because the product is developed under the standard modules which does not affect or interrupt the work. The system allows customizing the application interface to the needs of each different agency; in groups or individual users.

Easy deployment, centralized administration.

The deployment and management of application system focus on a large scale across the province, reduce the cost of deployment, management, operation and maintenance of the units involved in the application. The centralized administration is full with management tools in content and system management.

System safety and security

The solution applies multi-layer security mechanisms; supports the single sign-on (SSO) for all integrated and connected applications in the system; with safe backup mechanism for periodical databases; have deployment solution in seperating the network layer to ensure the highest security, but still preserve data synchronization mechanism.


The product solution is perfectly suited to the levels and IT application need: from the level of an organization needing to deploy individual e-portal to provincial scale needing to apply for new deploying or replacing the available IT application solutions which did not meet the increasing requirements in the development and application synchronization, connection of information systems, public services serving citizens, businesses in the model of e-government.

When applying this solution, the localities will:

- Have a platform technical framework, standardize the construction and development of local e-Government without much investment of time, effort and money.

- Create the ideal infrastructure of Portal applications for building and deploying projects such as e-Commercial portal, e-Government portal, collaborative portals within an organization, etc. on the internet, intranet, extranet;

- Quickly have a solution platform for developing and applying e-Government without spending much money and time on getting the platform which has many similar features and functionalities.

- Easy to install and operate without requiring staffs specialised in IT proficiency; exploit and use available IT staffs without hiring special experts.

- The application can be used immediately in large scale without additional investment. No need to break or invest creating all the existing applications but just a small cost for application integration and conversion.

- No other special requirements on existing IT infrastructure (hardware, network, ancillary equipment, software system, etc.), fully inherit the existing IT infrastructure investment for deploying.