General introduction 

Currently, the database system of tourism and cultural resources at the local is still scattered and lacks of normalization; therefore, the capability of exploiting resources has not met practical needs and affects the effectiveness of the management and administration of professional agencies.

The construction of the database system of tourism and culture has been systematized to have logical architecture; it both overcomes the weaknesses of archival work and facilitates the work of exploiting information for constructing developing strategies for local culture and tourism.


Software for Managing Tourism and Cultural Databases, is a comprehensive management solution which synchronizes database of cultural tourism resources in the province-wide scale. The software has fully met the requirements for database archive, management and exploitation of the management units as well as the suffice and official data source for external individuals and units to learn, exploit quickly and conveniently through Internet environment and thereby promote the cultural and tourism resources of the province better. 

The software is appropriately designed to deploy on an existing IT infrastructure of the units and meet the technological requirements following the new standard issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The software includes:

- Module website (Web-based application) is used for managing, interacting, exploiting the specialised database system through the Internet; is compatible with popular browsers such as: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozila FireFox, etc.

- Module tool software (Desktop-client) supports offline versions or the databases in which the  big data files are not convenient for manipulating directly on web environment.

Features and Specifications

-  Web Server: IIS 5.x

-  Framework: .NET

- Solution model: The Application runs on both desktop and web 
- Languages: ASP.NET / C#
- Database Administration system: MS SQL Server
- Web Server: IIS 5.x
- Framework: .NET

Basic Functions

Introduction of the Cutural and Tourism Database

Provide introduction information of the available Cutural and Tourism Database of the local, the data types for users to get general information for their data exploiting process.

Update data

The software allows updating new information of a cutural and tourism heritage to the available defined culture and tourism type in order to ensure the logic in management and the convenience in data exploiting process.


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Exploiting data

The software data is classified into specific types such as: Monuments, Festivals, Arts, Traditional Craft villages, Cuisine, Costumes, Cultural documents, etc. Users can choose the data type they need to search for information from general to specific or they can search for information of one culture and tourism data through key words quickly.







Reports - Statistics

The software meets the Reports – Statistics requirements from general to specific of each data type so that users can quickly get information  for their management or exploitment requirements. Users can also export Excel files from statistic data to do their professional work conveniently.





Interaction with users

The software allows user interaction through feedbacks so that the management units can acknowledge and complete the system in order to meet the users requirements.





System Administration

The software provide completely the tools for administrator to implement the administration and authorisation activities, etc. in order to ensure the safety and security of the system as well as run the system appropriately as the management units required.



- Provide a system which ensure the capability of archive, management the cultural and tourism data logically, scientifically and conveniently. 

- Provide an official and complete data source for the exploiting requirements of the units and individuals.

- Promote information of Culture and Tourism of the local to the outside.

- Help the management levels get the data of culture and tourism quickly to support for the process of issuing policies and strategies to develop the local tourism.    


The software is being deployed and applied at the Department of Culture and Sports of Thua Thien Hue province and other departments, cities, districts in the local. The deployment for units is about to be implemented quickly without any requirements about infrastructure or IT human resources. After deploying, HueCIT will starts training and always supports the units in the process of operating the system.