Online public services portal is the system providing tool for individuals, enterprises, organisations to use public services via internet environment. The product is a system of electronic documents replaced the ordinary paper ones currently  implemented directly at State administrative agencies. Online public services portal is designed for two main user groups: Group of users participating in the system - citizens are customers using public services and Group of users providing, managing public services - the public services providers.

Online public services portal is built and developed based on web-base model, easy to develop, upgrade and expand on the technology of ASP.NET - C# language, and database administration system of Microsoft SQL Server 2008.



Group of users participating in the system

Search information
This portal allows citizens, individuals, organisations, enterprises search for introduction of the Online public services portal, services using policies, quality commitments, instructions for participating and using public services. Besides, there are information about general policy of the locality in providing public services, policy for participating in the public services and the related legal documents. Citizens, individuals, organisations, enterprises can search the statistical information of providing and solving status of general online public services of locality as well as details of agencies/organisations providing public services are uploaded on the system.

Register, manage participation documents: Allow citizens, individuals, organisations, enterprises create account to use, exploit the public services the system provides.

Interactive with public services: Allow citizens, individuals, organisations, enterprises to look for public services of agencies, organisations, enterprises providing; citizens, individuals, organisations, enterprises can fill in and sent the online documents to those units on the system. The process of receiving, solving, and return results is also followed in this function.  

Communicate, question with the organisations providing public services: Allow citizens, individuals, organisations, enterprises to send questions to public services and receive results.

Evaluate quality of providing public services: Allow citizens, individuals, organisations, enterprises see and evaluate the quality, express their level of satisfaction about the public services of the providing units.
For public services provider and manager 

Administer the content:
Allow users upload introduction about the policy, general and private instructions to the organisations, units participating in public services, the journals related to the system of public services being provided.

Manage public services: Allow creating services, approval/disapproval the public services

Manage requests of using public services: Allow receiving customer documents, upload information, transaction notification related to customers such as: electronic receipt, document/appointment note, request information of completing documents; information of document solving status; electronic receipt/fee, return online results to customers, etc.

Manage customer feedback: This function includes administering FAQ, answering the questions, receiving opinions related to public services.

Report, statistic management: this function allow generating report, and provide statistics of public services providing status in the whole province.

Administer system: This function allow managing register information of customers, managing category data of organisations/agencies providing public services.


- It is easy to customize, integrate and extend the functions of the software. Specifically, all the widening application features are installed, modified and added very quickly because the product is developed with the standard modules. Therefore, it does not affect or interrupt the work. The system allows customizing the application interface according to the needs of different agencies or groups or individual users.

- It is also easy for the deployment and centralized administration: The deployment and management of the application system is implemented on a large scale across the province to reduce the cost of deployment, management, operation and maintenance of the units. The centralized administration has all the content management tools and system management.

- The system is safe and secure: It applies the multi-layer security mechanisms; with a safe and periodical backup mechanism for databases. In addition, the deployment solution of separating the network layers is to ensure the highest security but still preserve the data synchronization mechanism.


1. Publishing all of the administrative procedures in the network environment
The online public service portal enables suppliers and managers of public services publish all the administrative procedures to ensure the administrative procedures are implemented precisely, synchronically, transparently and timely. Thus, government agencies and citizens or organizations can inspect and supervise the resolution of administrative procedures.

2. Publishing all the information about the online service
Online public service portal enables the suppliers and managers of public services announce the list of current public administrative services and online services and state the level of each service. The services are organized, categorized by sectors to facilitate the exploitation and use.

3. Receiving and resolving public online services under the "one-door" mechanism
Under the "one-door" mechanism, the suppliers and managers of public services on the online portal of public services help to resolve the work of individuals and organizations under the responsibility and authority of many state administrative agencies of the same level or between state administrative agencies at all levels in publishing, instructing administrative procedures, receiving records, handling and returning results. All of these procedures are done in the department of receiving and returning the results of a state administrative agency.

4. Supervising and supporting services for online public services 
Online public services portal enables the suppliers and managers of public services:
- Monitor all the deployment of online services;
- Remind all the state administrative agencies in the province to implement the online services;
- Generalize and report periodically and irregularly the deployment of online services of the local levels;