HueCIT-Edoc serves sending outgoing/in-tray official documents, managing documents, exchanging information and online managing operations, etc. correlated between different agencies and organizations. The software is particularly suited to daily managing administration internally as well as the bodies of state administration, such as: provincial, city, departments People’s Committee oriented administrative and e-government reforms.
 Basic Functions 

In-tray documents

In-tray documents Function is designed to manage the in-tray documents of an agency or unit. The storing function for in-tray documents is set in systematic and easy way to find and solve. At the same time, it helps entering document and support classifying the documents by jurisdiction to resolve so that users can control, inspect and monitor the circulating process and document processing process; departments and individual users can track their specific task.

The management of in-tray documents is proceeded with all processing functions to each specific work categories, as follow:

Document Entry: The Document Entry function allow updating an in-tray document through an usual way, through the Internet and update the specific information of an in-tray document.

- Personal Document: With Personal Document function, users can inspect the status of document which is processing, pending, awaiting completed confirmation, processed or co-ordinating processed, etc

- Searching: Users can search all of the documents, in-tray document during the day, by in-tray dates, by issued date, by document types, by fields, by agency, by handlers, etc


Advanced Search: Users can search the in-tray by many different criteria such as in-tray date, date of issue, issuing agencies, codes, etc.


Print the document number book: Users can select criteria and print by form number.

Outgoing documents

Outgoing Documents functions allows storing documents issued by agencies or units in a systematic and easy way to search and exploit, and allows sending documents via the internet to the agencies implemented in the same system via WAN or Internet. In addition, users can track their specific job (the drafts, or published document).

The management of documents is proceeded with full functions, namely:

To create a draft: Users can create a new document or copy or delete the existing document. Additionally, users can view documents are being created for reference.

Personal related issued documents: The software will display the issued documents related to individuals who created or are in the list of documents get released.

Search Outgoing Documents: Users can seach for outgoing documents during the day, by document types, document fields, signers, drafters, by issued dates, by  document entry, copied or forwarded documents.

Search and Print: Users can search for documents by many different criteria and print by in-tray document number

Processing Documents

The function allows users to control the state of the job processing in the related unit. When using this function, the main interface will handle statistic documents processing status (pending, in progress, declined due to inappropriate expertise, await for completing confirmation, etc.), status of work processing (work pending, work processing, works are coordinated handling ...), the drafts or reference documents, etc.

With the main operations, the software provides the following functions:

- Processing in-tray documents: This function allows users to inspect the processing, pending, in progress, processed status, etc.  to perform the necessary operations quickly

Processing work: This function allows leaders to create work assigning note for individual or many people coordinate in processing.


-Reference documents: This function helps users refer the in-tray and released documents

- Managing documents:With this function, users can set managing a new document or processing an existing document
- Search documents: User can search all documents or by released dates, document types, by fields, creating dates, main handlers

- Print/ statistic: Users can search and do document statistic by many different criteria, such as: opening dates, finish dates, titles, types, fields, handlers, etc