The portal is built and upgraded in order to create a channel of dissemination and orientation information for the most official public opinion in the province through the provision of information about the history, culture, economic and social activities and the activities of the provincial executive direction of leaders; 


The capability to connect and share data
The portal has the capability to connect and share data with the Portals of Departments; synchronize data with operational managing page, put into the member channel the unique core (the same technical platform) to create the synchronization which brings higher management efficiency


  People submit question to the authorities, the question will be synchronized on the operating page and transferred to the agency in charge to answer, the response is automatically synchronized between the operating site reverse back to the Portal for announcing to the people.


Orientating the information source
Using the RSS standard, the Portal is the focal point to provide and orientate information source from the main Portal to the component portals on all the fields, the activities of the provincial People's Committee, departments, districts, towns, cities, and have the capability to integrate information from external systems such as e-Government portal, The portals of the ministries using this standard


Managing operation 
The operating site of the Portal is developed and inherited the idea from public affairs notebook models, when leader or public civil servants log into the system, it will display the workbench with the working status they are in charge. 
In addition, The operating page also provides functions such as: see relevant information and news; inspect and solve the mentioned news; inspect and solve the elector opinions; Inspect and solve the People ask authorities reply; register working program; report the results of the working program and other ultilities such as: Notice, reminder, job alert system, Managing Module of specialized documents, Managing Module of ISO quality document system, etc.

Single Sign-On
By integrating data from 5 shared software, through SSO centralized authentication system of the province, technicians just log into the operating site may be able to connect to the shared software to process and statistic related tasks without having to login again.

Supporting multiple devices
The Portal can display content well even on mobile devices, handheld, meet nowadays popular access trend of users
Expanding and steady
The Portal has the capability to expand functions easily through the installation of new modules without stopping the system
Simple administrative operations (additional)
Using a unique Website interface to perform all system administration tasks such as: login permissions, grouping users, etc.
HueCIT-Portal authorizes users to each function, ensures safety without losing the flexibility of the system
Searching easily
Support for advanced searching in two languages English and Vietnamese following TCVN unicode standard 6909: 2001