Software for Managing Children’s Information is an applying software for doing data survey and management of  children who need to be protected and taken care on the provinces / cities.


Typical customers:
1. Department of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs of Quang Nam
2. Department of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs of Quang Ngai
3. Department of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs of Thua Thien Hue province


Investigating children’s information 


The software not only lets you create, edit questionnaires but also allows importing / exporingt data as Excel file or XML. Users can do statistics the survey information in several different criteria such as age and gender, level of education, person in charge, apprentice status, health condition, any disease.. This software manages the information in details about each child.


Record Management for the group of 10 children with special circumstances

The software allows setting a new record as well as editing, deleting information of each child when there is any change. In each file, information is very detailed of personal information, family situations, etc... In any case, the user will be able to do statistics or report easily and quickly the general information of the group of 10 special children under difficult circumstances in different province, gender, age group and circumstances (homless children, disabled or unhealthy ones, ...)


Profile management of the child who is can be in special circumstances

Not only managing the information of the situation of children with special difficulties, the software also allows managing records of children can be in particularly difficult circumstances to help the manager understand the information so he can plan and manage in the future. The information management of the group of children who might be in special circumstances can be really useful when the child is in special circumstances.


Varied statistics and reports 

This software can do statistical report on the investigation of children and their records in a number of different criteria such as location, age, condition (abandoned, disabled ...), parents’ profession or collecting the entire list and export the file as .DOC, PDF, XLS for checking, printing and reporting.


Unifying data in all over the province
The statistics and reports forms are prepared in a same form so database should be unified. Especially in the case where the software is deployed from commune to district and province, the entire children's information will be managed in a unified way, easily and efficiently.