Hán-Nôm Online dictionary was a pretty professional and prestige software in the field of Hán-Nôm lookup on the Internet, an area that not many people do. With Hán-Nôm online dictionary, users can look up the Hán and Nôm fully, fast, accurately and conveniently thanks to three integrated dictionary: Vietnamese-Chinese, Vietnamese-Ancient Vietnammese, and Chinese-Vietnamese


In addition to lookup words, the software can help users transcribe texts from Hán language into Vietnamese through the function of Hán-Vietnamese phonetics. Especially, the Hán-Vietnamese Documentation warehouse will provide many works in Hán language, classic Nôm from China and Vietnam in the form of e-books for every reference object.

With the quite sufficient content, easy to understand presentation, clear handwriting, a quick lookup, Hán-Nôm online dictionary page be a useful tool for the users.