Software of HR Management named HueCIT-HRM provides flexible overall management solutions which simplifys management operation of personnel files, attendance management and salary for each enteprise.
With full functions such as creating, organizing, storing, mining, managing information and software to help the enterprise be able to:

+ Manage consistently, completely, with no restrictions on the number of personnel records and do statistics according to the form prescribed by the Ministry of Interior.
+ Simplify but still manage precisely the working hours of staff in a whole company.
+ Manage and quickly calculate wages in the model and the target method, change from time to time or in groups of agents and employees.
+ Ensure the security for management information on computer system of the enperprise.
+ Easily maintain and develop application, without limiting the scope and development scale of the enterprise.


The main modules of the software HRM

With HR Management module, users can update, correct the information of personnel file easily and fully, according to multiple criteria from general to detail during the working period of the staff including curriculum vitae; Family ties; Labour contract; Working process, transfer; The training process; The process of salary, reward, discipline, information of public activities. When they need to find out any personnel information with a certain criteria, the users can quickly do statistics and get detailed information.
To facilitate the operation of human resource management, the software also supports to do statistics and report information of those who are going to meet the contract time or those who are going to have wage increase. This might help the work of the personnel in a timely manner.
In addition, the software also has the birthday notifications, children's list of employees in the company so the lives of the employees are taken good care.

Subsystem for Attendance Management

The software allows recording, tracking attendance information directly from the manager or automatically timekeeping with timekeeping devices (fingerprint, card, bar code ...). The management functions for monitoring attendance include:
+ Distribution shifts
+ confirming time in/out
+ Collecting and classifying timesheets
+ Collecting and classifying public debt, the balance
+ Collecting and classifying holidays


Various statistical reports
The software supports to do statistical report in different criteria. In addition, the users can use visual diagrams to easily capture information about staffing, timekeeping or salary in the company.

Look up and look for information

It allows performing a quick and accurate search the personnel information by multiple criteria:

+ Staff Information

+ Labor Contract
+ Working Process
+ Training Process
+ Everance Information

Outputing data

Users can export data into common applications like Word, Excel for easily editing, adding and printing, etc...


Typical customers

+ Centre for Hue Monuments Conservation
+ Phu Xuan Hue University
+ Hue College of Industry
+ Hue Water Supply & Contructions Company Limited

+ Innovation A Corporation
+ Dong Da Travel Ltd. Company
+ Vietnam Shaiyo AA Liminted Company.
+ Mineral Joint Stock Company of Quang Tri
+ Thua Thien Hue Post Office Corporation for Construction