Cemetery Management Software using GIS manages fully and accurately the current data status related to the operation of the cemetery
Cemetery Management Software using GIS is built with the aim to meet the main operations as follow:

Locating martyrs’ graves in the cemetery 

At the homepage interface of the software, the user moves the mouse into grave location to see the brief summary information of the martyr assembled at this position.
  Managing martyr’s  grave

Software allows managing information of each martyr grave including: fullname, hometown, date of birth, date of sacrifice, positions, assembling status, location, etc. The manager can add, modify and delete any information as necessary to update, the excel file can be exported for use in professional activities and use data filters to see the grave information by criteria such as:

Lot number of grave location 

Row number of grave location

Filter by criteria


Vacant grave

Used grave

Identified grave

Unknown grave

Searching for martyr’s information

The software supports quick search of martyr information flexiblly by one of the following criteria: fullname, year of birth, year of sacrifice or hometown. From the list of searched martyrs, users can select the correct martyr name they are looking for to see more detailed information on the status of martyrs such as assemble status, grave location and view the grave on the GIS map of the cemetery.


Album and managing images

Manage albums and photographs of cemetery operations, introduce to the people.

Managing comments

The software allows interaction between the cemetery and the viewer, but the administrator can handle, remove and preview before displaying.

Customers can refer the software at: